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Can my brew be saved?

So I just bottled up a lager this weekend that had tasted amazing going into the bottles. I had just finished cleaning up after bottling the batch and realized I was using a bottling bucket that said “Ale Pail” on it. Much to my fear I didn’t realize that this pail was specific to just ales and not lagers. Can my batch be saved or should I dump it?

Happy Monday :cheers:

Some say that Lagers are not very smart. What you should do is take a marker and cross out the word “ale” and write the word lager in it’s place. Then place the doctored pail next to the bottles of lager within plain sight. You may be able to fool the lager and all peril will have been averted.

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Brilliant! I will get to work on this right away!

What kind of lager? If you’re lucky enough to have attempted a German style, you should be able to fix this by playing a polka rendition of Roll Out the Barrel whenever you open a bottle.

There’s only one way to handle this: send the bottles to me for proper disposal. Can’t risk dumping them down the sink. Particularly if this beer happens to be the Vienna.

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Hybrid lager.

If it’s a German lager it will certainly have enough self confidence to realize your misguided approach at bottling time and rise above the slum level conditions you forced upon it.

Thank you, I needed a good laugh today!


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