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Can i unplug my kegerator for a week?

i’m going out of town for x-mas (don’t rob my house, but help yourself to beer). can i unplug my kegerator without any ill effects to the beer? i’ll keep the co2 hooked up.

You would not want to make a habit of raising and lowering the temp of the beer. For 1 time you should be fine.

If you are going to unplug it, open the lid/door so that any condensation can evaporate out.

You can also disconnect the CO2 and shut the valve on the tank. The kegs are sealed so they won’t leak.

You forgot to include your address. :wink: Is it in the house, or in your garage? Why do you want to unplug it?

I don’t understand the reason for unplugging it either?

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