Can I add Wort to my fermenter at different times?

If I have a conical fermenter that can hold ~21 gallons but can only brew 10-15 gallons at a time with my current setup, is it possible to do two brews in one day and then place both of them in the same fermenter? I would think that fermentation wouldn’t start with the first batch before the second one went in if it was the same day. Just trying to figure out how to get the most out of my fermenter.


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I’m not sure if what is being discussed in your linked thread directly relates to my question.

If i brew a 10 gallon batch and place it in my conical, can I add another 10 gallon batch that was brewed the same day at a later time to get it to its brewing capacity?

I would think you can add another batch of wort to the first. You would not want to do this if the yeast had been pitched and fermentation was well under way. Adding new aerated wort at this time may risk oxidizing the beer with low to moderate gravity beers.

So what you’re saying is I’m fine as long as I put the cooled wort in the fermenter, seal it, then re-open to add the second batch before aerating and adding yeast?

Yes, that is it. Will be okay and as you said, seal the fermentor to prevent contamination…