Can corn sugar go bad?

I have about 3lbs of corn sugar that i have had for a while. I made a batch of hard cider and used it to carbonate it. It never did carbonate. It had been in the bottles now for 2 months and still no carbonation. Could the sugar have gone bad?

You most likely have something else going on. Sugar is a natural preservative. Worst that can happen to fine grain sugars is moisture which can turn it into a hard lump. Even as a lump it will still retain the original properties.

Cool thank you for the information.

Did you try letting you bottles warm to maybe 70 degrees. If that doesn’t help your yeast may be deceased. Sorry.

I’d say the yeast is toast. I’ve got an eighteen month old batch of cider bottled. Absolutely no carbonation. I reyeasted a couple of bottles==nothing. Reprimed a couple==nothing. I think my yeast pooped out. And the alcohol content makes it difficult for a new yeast to get started. I don’t like still cider so I guess I now have about 4-1/2 gallons of cooking cider.

Sorry to not be of any real help. I guess I could try making a full blown starter, dose each bottle when the starter was at high krausen, but I’ve been lazy. I’ve heard that could work.


That will work provided you use a yeast that can operate well in an already alcoholic environment. That’s how sparkling winemakers do it. EC-1118 or K1-V1116 are the easiest strains to find that work well that way.

Thanks for the suggestion Rebuilt. I tried just dosing a bottle with a few grains of dry t-58 but got nothing. Probably scared and shocked that yeast to death haha.