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Can anyone recommend a good knife set

Smoked a pork shoulder for the first time this past weekend in my Weber kettle. Turned out great but I realized my knifes are sub par at best. Can anyone recommend a good knife set for normal barbecue tasks? I don’t want to spend a ton but I’d rather not buy twice. Thanks

Me do like tools of the trade. Not cheap. But do have them more than 10 years

We got a set of Katsu Knives as a wedding present from one of my wife’s youth group kids that we still use 16 years later, although I can’t seem to find them online anywhere but Ebay. All the newer sets are much more spendy.

I use my JA Henckles Carving set for turkey, chicken, roasts and things.

Whichever type of knives you get, I highly recommend Sharp-N-Easy sharpener, never let me down yet.

Also, This Cutco tends to be my go to grab for everything but full on carving. True to their word, I’ve not sharpened it once in 16 years. Spendy, but worth it.


We have Cutco, 1 JA Heckles… And there’s another knife my wife’s father used for butchering chickens and other “meat whacking” chores… The one thing that really makes them shine and keep an edge… Knife steel… Watch a you tube vid of a full fledge butcher… It’s there… It’s used… Even a cheaper knife WILL benefit from it… Carve/cut for 10 minutes… A couple of highly executed strokes… be careful…
Don’t cut on a hard surface…

We’ve had some Cutcos for years that we love. I have a Cutco hunting knife that’s field dressed and been used butchering probably 30 Whitetail and hasn’t needed sharpening. I think Cutcos have a lifetime warranty as well and you can send them to be sharpened for free. (Working from memory so double check that.)

It might be cheating but I use a Hamilton Beech electric for most stuff off the smoker.


If it works HD… It’s all good!!

Lots to look at thanks guys! I think a good chef knife, boning knife, and a slicing knife would do the trick for now.

And a steel to keep them top notch… all the time. A very old knife we have that’s easy to keep sharp… Lamson &Goodwon…

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