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Can an infected beer be saved by

boiling (to kill the infection), then cooled, re-yeasted, re-fermented? Just a thought on a monday night without football.


the infection (wild yeast) have consumed the sugars. Beyond letting it age and see if you have a drinkable beer (maybe a sour?) possibly you could turn it into a malt vinegar. I had a carboy turn to vinegar once on it’s own. After about 8-10 months.

Remember, way back when they knew nothing about yeast. Everything was “wild” fermentation.

Have any antibiotics laying around?

Heh… maybe. Don’t boil it, though, as that will get rid of the alcohol and completely change the flavor.

In the least, you may want to try keeping it around 160F for an hour or two to pasteurize. But if it tastes like crap, it’s not worth saving. Unless you maybe want to go for a sour beer. But good luck with that…

I had a similar situation and it worked out. I had a low-OG ESB that I didn’t have time to cool and pitch. So I left it in the kitchen and forgot about it. Normally, if I add wort to a sanitized bucket at hot temps, the heat kills anything inside and there isn’t a problem.

But I opened the bucket and there was a bunch of Krausen that wasnt mine!

I poured it back unto a pot on the stove, held it slightly above 160 deg for more than 10 minutes to pasturize (no need for an hour), then re-cooled and (finally) pitched the yeast. It turned out fine… but don’t trust my taste buds. Steel Reserve is one of my favorite beers [to buy]. :mrgreen:

It really depends on how much “sour” flavor the wild yeast gave given you, and how much sugars are left. Since my ESB was slightly malty, it probably offset any sour tones that were there. Maybe drier beers would display the souring more.

Whatever you do, don’t chuck it! Let us know how it goes! Maybe you could mix in a quart of star-san solution. :slight_smile: I’ve forgotten at least 3 cups of star-san in a keg and racked my beer on it and my bowels survived. Then again, maybe you shouldn’t trust my bowels… Steel Reserve is one of my fav… just kidding.

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