Campden tablet

Accidently dropped a whole tablet in a 3 1/2 gal boil today for a 5 gallon batch. Anyone forsee any major issues? I pitched on yeast cake s 05 and it’s bubbling already. < 2.5 hrs

Your good. You will only add about 10ppm of sulfate. Those tabs are good “Up to” 20 gallons. Your just fine

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CAn I ask why you were adding campden to the boil? Do you mean whirlfloc?

To treat chlorine in my water. Was cutting it in half and I dropped it in. Oops

As @23152 said you’ll be fine there. I’m pretty sure you should treat your water before getting to the boil.

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Yeah @loopie_beer is right cut tab in half crush between two spoons and add to cold water then heat.

You can do the same with 1 to 2 grams (a small pinch) of powdered Vitamin C (asorbic acid) will treat low to medium levels of chlorine/chloramine per 100 gallons of water…precipates out the chlorine & chloramine…medical field uses that to treat makeup water for IV pouches. A 4 to 6 oz bottle will last you many years.