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Campden instructions

I’m going to use these for the first time, and was wonder what the instructions are. The bag from NB didn’t say much. I’ve read a 1/4 tab per 5 gallons of water. Does it have to sit for a certain amount of time prior to brewing? I have used the filtered water from my fridge for all my batches so far, but it’s a pain to collect that much water. Any help greatly appreciated.


I used it for the first time two weeks ago. I do all grain. They say that one tablet will treat 20 gallons of water. I used the advice from posters on this forum. I crushed one tablet in between two spoons. Crushed pretty easy. Then I put half in my sparge water (8gallons) and half in my strike water (4 gallons). I didn’t wait, I stirred it around a little, then put the fire to both kettles and started the brew process.
I think you will be fine using the 1/4 tablet for 5 gallons. I read that it will not hurt if you use more.

According to Martin Brungard, sulfite is an oxygen scavenger and too much will reduce the O2 levels. This probably isn’t gonna be an issue if you use it in your mash/sparge water, but it could be if you use it itop up water. It works pretty much in seconds.

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