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Camlocks and hose clamps

I’m finally swapping out these old ball lock QD’s… I’m also putting on new silicone hoses too… The old ones won’t come off of the camlock fittings I do have without cutting it… So with that said… I wonder if I even need to put a hose clamp on… Weigh in, please… Sneezles61

Cheap insurance

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I’m of the same opinion as @brew_cat , cheap insurance. Disaster would ensue, possibly a bad burn, in the event a hose did pop off. I have clamps on every one of mine except the one drain hose that isn’t pressurized ever.

I’m assuming you’re trying to separate the hose from the fitting when its cold. That’s difficult, but its far more pliable when hot. I’d use the hose clamps since those hoses are going to be hot in use and they could easily come apart…unlike your current experience indicates.

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