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Camacitra seesion ipa

So me did brew this before. Went looking at a old recipy. Than it did not call for hopstand. New recipy. Calls for a 10 min hopstand. At flame out. Question. Bye the time my wort has cooled down. This takes. About. 15 min with ice. I do pull out. Both my. Hopspiders. This should be same as hopstand. Or. Not. Shall i do 10min hopstand. Than cool my wort

Try cooling the wort down first, say 170* F… then do your hop stand/FO hops… let them sit for 20 minutes… You can cool as they sit… See if that ups the aroma… Sneezles61


If you cool it first I think you will get more aromatics. If you do a flameout hopstand will lose some aromatics but gain some flavor and a few ibu’s. At least that’s the theory


I have always brewed it according to the recipe, hops at flameout. I like the way it comes out but next time I will let it cool and then hop to see if I can tell the difference.

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I’ve messed around with recipes doing just that. Use the same hops just changing up the schedule and then do a side by side. Usually notice subtle differences

Ahhh, best of both worlds… FO, hop stand… cool it below 170* more hops… And if thats not enough… add more just as the fermenter is slowing… Hop-a-liciuos!! Oh my… a name for one said hoppy brew… Sneezles61

I’ve been cooling before flameout and enjoying the results.

Not sure what you mean cooling before flameout or cooling before flameout additions. Ive stopped doing flameout additions also. I may do a 5min late addition anything after that I whirlpool

Bringing the wort down from boiling to 160-170F before adding.

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Will try it as well. Curious if the taste will be different

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