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Call NB before closing out your credit/debit card

I was looking through my bank statement to find recent charges from NB, when I had not been there to buy anything in a couple of weeks. It looked like someone had my card information and was using it to make purchases from NB. Turns out that items I had bought back in June were never charged to me, something with NB’s bank not processing the charges. Anyway the charges from June just came through this week and have this weeks dates on them rather than the original dates of purchase.

Needless to say I am very relieved to find that no one had stolen my card info.

Thought I should relate this story in case anyone else notices questionable charges on their bank statement. Call NB before closing out your credit/debit card.

Also, thank you Northern Brewer for helping me get this figured out!

thanks for the tip. I get into online orders to from CraftBeerKings. So far, so good but yeah I feel what you’re saying because it can happen anytime and at any store.

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