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California Lager suggestions

I have yet to use a lager yeast because of my apartment setup. I am now pretty confident that I can hold temperatures that will keep WY2112 (California Lager) or WLP810 (SanFran Lager) happy. Are these the same strain? They have slightly different temperature ranges. Any suggestions for a lager yeast noob?

Are you going for a California common ? What temps are you planning on. That’s what I believe the California lager yeast is used for. You could probably use any lager yeast. I tried making a steam beer actually made better beer using an ale yeast at the colder temp range

I haven’t decided what to make yet. Just targeting the range which will be low 60s

Low 60s are perfect for wy2112. I made a Cali Common and a Kentucky Common with it a few years ago. Both fermented around 62F and both turned out good. All my ales are fermented at that temp. Very easy temperature range with a simple swamp cooler setup.

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