Caliente - New Hop variety

So i’ve got a pound on the way of Caliente, sold from someone in Yakima Valley with no mention of the farmer.
They’re up there in alpha at 15.6% with beta at 4.3. I cannot seem to find much online other than a twitter pic from April 2012 of Sweetwater dry hopping a batch with these and a Florida brew pub doing the same.

Any one out there possibly have another name these would go by or any flavor / aroma profile notes?

Either way I plan to do a marris otter smash pale with them sometime this week, and I’ll report whatever I come up with.

http://www.fortlauderdaleareabrewers.or ... w/13911758

This guy says it has a cherry licorice aroma… Sounds interesting, I hope you post back with your results!

Thanks for the link, this was the same Florida brew pub i mentioned…I guess I missed the cherry licorice reference.
Man I really hope it isn’t over the top licorice :shock: , cherry I can deal with.

Not sure what else the variety would go with except a stout…but who knows! Hope it doesn’t taste like couch medicine!

If indeed it is that much cherry flavored, good call on the stout.
Either way, I’ll just smash with MO or some Canadian Pale and see what we gots!!!

I should be able to post findings in 3-4 weeks. :cheers:

If anybody is looking to acquire some, out of respect for the forum host I will not post a link…please PM me.

Thanks for the tip! I ordered some to try out myself. Plus they had some Galaxy in stock, which I’ve been trying to hunt down for a while now. :slight_smile:

figured i’d post a screenshot from a facebook message that I got from payette brewing. They mention a pale and ipa that they’ve dryhopped with caliente.
He didn’t mention any odd flavor, but that it blended well with very citrus-y hopped ales.

My caliente got lost in shipping last week, so the brew I planned got hopped with bravo. I’ll give the calient smash a shot in a week or two.

Thanks for the tip. I got mine in and frankly they didn’t smell like much of anything to me. Could be that my pack still pretty warm when I opened it. Going to do a round of 1-gallon single-hop extract APA’s next month and I’ll be sure to use these for one of the batches.

dsidab81! update!

Took a while but I bit the bullet on a six gallon batch. 1 week onto primary I’m getting fair amounts of citrus out of the airlock… Perhaps bits of spice and herb. Honestly don’t remember the last time sniffing an airlock it was so pungent it burned…

Edit- I do agree with erockrph that out of the bag and throughout the boil, they weren’t unusually interesting in the smell department.

Just tasted my all Caliente pale ale last night. Here are my tasting notes:

I’ll be honest - the hops themselves really didn’t leave me with high hopes based on the smell of them. All I got off the cones was a really generic “hoppy” (i.e., grassy and nondescript), which seemed pretty mild. In the hop’s defense, I did get these shipped to me in the middle of a 90+ degree July heatwave, and I’m assuming they were the better part of a year old at that point as well. Still, I couldn’t pick up anything specific in the aroma of the hops themselves.

Well, I am very pleasantly surprised with the finished beer given what I picked up off the raw hops (or the lack thereof). The aroma has a little lemon zest and a hint of pine, but it is dominated by a very distinct stone fruit aroma. I got a really nice juicy aroma of fresh peach/nectarine/plum from this hop.

On the palate, the fruitiness is much more subdued. There are notes of peach and lemon, but it’s fleeting. It almost reminded me of a flavored seltzer in that respect. As the beer warmed, I started getting a lot more earthy/woody notes coming out. On the flavor side, it seems like Fuggles, but with a bit of fruitiness.

I will definitely be ordering some pellets of this one once they become available this year. I can’t help but wonder if I got these fresh, and shipped during cooler weather, that I may have gotten an even bigger flavor/aroma impact.

I think this one will pair nicely with Motueka. I could definitely see it as an interesting addition in an English IPA. The fresh plum note makes me want to find a way to combine this with Special B and D-180 in some way as well. Maybe some kind of bastardized dubbel/amber hybrid? I’m going to need a starter batch for my BDS once the Unibroue yeast is released, so it may see some action there. This hop was definitely a pleasant surprise, and I’m looking forward to using it again soon.

Would you mind posting your hop schedule and/or recipe?
Just dry hopped mine and the batch was late hopped heavily.

This beer was one of a series of seven 1-gallon extract-only Pale Ales I brewed a little while ago. I did all seven batches back-to-back one day to try out several hops that were new to me. The hop additions were designed to maximize flavor and aroma to really test out the character of the various hops. All my IBU’s came from a pseudo-FWH addition after the extract was all dissolved. The I did 1/4 oz at flameout and 1/2 oz for a dry hop.

The recipe itself is nothing special. I’d never brew it in bulk, but it gets the job done quick when you’re trying to brew a lot of small batches in rapid succession. The Munich LME provides just enough maltiness to see how the hops balance out a bit of malt.

Title: Extract Pale Ale

Brew Method: Extract
Style Name: American Pale Ale
Boil Time: 15 min
Batch Size: 0.8 gallons
Boil Size: 1 gallons

Original Gravity: 1.046
Final Gravity: 1.014
ABV (standard): 4.17%
IBU (tinseth): 45.06
SRM (morey): 4.97

0.5 lb - Dry Malt Extract - Extra Light (53.3%)
0.375 lb - Liquid Malt Extract - Munich (40%)
0.0625 lb - Maltodextrin (6.7%)

0.2 oz - Caliente (AA 15.3), Type: Leaf/Whole, Use: First Wort
0.25 oz - Caliente (AA 15.3) for 0 min, Type: Leaf/Whole, Use: Boil
0.5 oz - Caliente (AA 15.3) for 7 days, Type: Leaf/Whole, Use: Dry Hop

1 each - Whirlfloc, Time: 15 min, Type: Fining, Use: Boil
0.5 g - Gypsum, Time: 15 min, Type: Water Agt, Use: Mash
2 each - FermCap-S, Time: 15 min, Type: Other, Use: Boil

Wyeast - London ESB Ale 1968

Make starter & pitch measured amount of slurry. (15mL)

Begin bringing water to boil. Add extract, Fermcap and gypsum. Add “FWH” as temp hits 120-140F. At boil, add whirlfloc.

For DME - 1 & 1/3 cup = 0.5 lb

For Munich LME - 1/2 cup = 6oz.

For Maltodextrin - 6 TBSP = 1.5 oz

(Target 40-45 IBU’s from FWH addition calculated as a 20-minute add. Flameout with 1/4 oz. Dry Hop w/ 1/2 oz.)

I sampled a bit of my un-carbed IIPA made with these this past weekend. I cheated and added a bit of homegrown cascades at flameout…so not a true single hop.
I agree with the earthy / rustic comparision, but there was a slight herbal quality and some fruit. Hopefully carbed I can get a better assessment of their flavor. This was also after a 7 day dry hop with 2oz of caliente. Being the aroma was a bit lacking I racked to another carboy with an oz of Cascade, .5 oz Summit, and an oz of Citra.

Maybe that fruity aroma dryhop will work well, but then again maybe not…we’ll see!

Okay so this batch has been bottled for 3 weeks, and after tasting a bottle a week it seems to be coming into its own. I can’t say the summit stands out in the dry hop, but definite notes of cascade and citra with a nice woodsy fruity backdrop from the caliente.

I would say using a large flameout addition of caliente helps to bring out the peachy /apricot flavor, but I’m almost getting a slight cloying sweetness from them.
I’d say any recipe relying heavily on these hops…keep crystal malts below 5% and perhaps a fair amount of sugar to ensure FG of 1.012 or lower.
While I can’t pin all the cloying sweetness on caliente…my FG was 1.014-15, I do think the fruitiness of it isn’t exactly helping.

Maybe next use, I’ll roll back my flameout to an oz or so, with larger additions at 20 and 10 to maybe tame these a bit.

I’ve got another 8oz to use, so maybe I can rebrew this within a month.

Interesting. Thanks for the updates.

I would say using a large flameout addition of caliente helps to bring out the peachy /apricot flavor, [/quote]
If you ever really mean to go for a peachy/apricot flavor, Glacier is the way to go. I find Glacier underwhelms if you are just smelling a bag of them. But the aroma and flavor really come through nicely in the finished product. They’ve become one of my favorite varieties.

On a side note, I saw reference on the NB forums somewhere that people have gotten a “tart peachy” flavor from US05 fermented cool. This batch was fermented around 59-60F until I let rise 4 days in. Could that be why I’ve sensed a bit of peach here…dunno until I run another batch with either 05 or 1056 fermented a few degrees higher.

Although that doesn’t explain countless other batches I’ve done with US05 fermented cool without a hint of that peachy flavor…