Cacao nibs in too long?

I may have left them in for like 4 weeks in a milk stout…and after kegging and carbing it kinda tastes like cigarette. However earlier it tasted good while alternating drinks of stout with sips of coffee…any similar experiences? I will probably just add some brewed coffee to the keg and see what happens…

What’s your recipe? Sounds more like too much black malt.

Try the coffee but dont think it will help. Only solution. Finish the keg and try again. Could be indeed your black malt to much

I think oxidation. I had that happen to a stout that I fermented in a pumpkin. Tasted just like you described. But on the plus side, I hear that coffee and cigarettes go really well together.

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That is probably it…iirc there were some racking problems…qd got clogged with nibs a few times :grinning:

Good thing lhbs is open today.