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BVIP Guess the Wrong Ingredient

I wanted to bring some delicious BVIP to the Super Bowl party. And just like the Falcons, everything looked great until the last minute when it all fell apart. So last week, let’s call it the start of the fermentation fourth quarter, the beer was going into the keg, and I was looking at the siphon tube, and I was thinking, “that color looks a bit light” …

Basically I took my ingredient list to the LHBS, and he measured everything out. I can only assume he mis-read my crappy handwriting, or he got something wrong. The result is not a Porter, or even an imperial Porter.

OK it’s still freaking delicious though. Rich mouthfeel, and the vanilla finish is like an ice cream float.

Any thoughts as to what substitution(s) ended up being made???

What is your recipe. If I had to guess you didn’t have any dark malt like roasted barley or very little of it and the crystal malt 60 or so. Would be my guess

Well, the recipe I was working from was @denny 's BVIP (I can’t find it on AHA anymore, but it was basically THIS cut in half for a 3-gallon batch. Like I said though some substitution(s) were clearly made by accident.

Right now, the Vanilla is pretty potent, which COULD be masking the flavor of chocolate malt, but since I’m not tasting chocolate malt, I’m betting that is what what was changed. Probably some more crystal in its place.

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That recipe is correct, so I think your suspicion is correct. The beer should be very dark. And @damian_winter, there is no C60 in it…120 and 40.

I’ll bet they left out the chocolate malt.

That’s why asked what recipe was and put Crystal 60 0r so mean they might have subbed it in

The other possibility is the wrong brown malt. Depending on the maltster, some people call 35L brown malt and some people call 70L brown malt. The recipe is intended for 70, so if they used 35 it could lighten it considerably.

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