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Buying bulk hops

OK where do you people get your bulk hops. I used to buy from Niko but he is not in business anymore so switched I bought from label peelers during black Friday. Took a couple weeks to arrive and their not nitrogen package. They are from YHU Yakima chief hopunion all from owner owned farms so that’s a plus. Haven’t used them yet any opinions?

I shop with label peelers A LOT and their hops ARE nitrogen flushed directly from vendor and ship super quick. They have NEVER sold me repackaged hops.

Other places I’ve used is Yakima Valley hops, Hops Direct, Farmhouse Brewing Supply.


Maybe I’m a stick… I like buying hops from as local as possible… I’m not against going to a far away place to buy hops… I do read and trust… SOME of their literature… Dig? Sneezles61

I get a lot of hops from Yakima Valley and I’ve also bought from Hops Direct in the past. Both good sources and reasonble prices.

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Local as in locally grown? Do they make pellets or just whole hops?

I can get both… I prefer cones… Not too many varieties as of now… Sneezles61


Yea that’s the issue around here too. Closest local producer to me has cascade, galena, willamette, nugget, crystal and teamaker. Nothing that I use very often…

I really enjoy the Cascades… Yeah, I’d like to have some more Saaz, and Fuggles… I’m not much into the tropical fruit and that such for my brews… I keep closer to a good traditional brew, and with a fresh hop cone… The point is made… Sneezles61

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