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Buy wort?

Where can I buy wort ready to have water added to make beer? Can anybody help me?

Yo, I got your wort, son. How much you need?


Tell me about your product. Is it ready to just add water? No boil? Pound of package, how much per pound?

This product is 100% pure. I sell it in dry form and this sweet sweet syrup. I’ve got 5 kinds, named by darkness, right now and I’m working sixth that is top secret.
The more you buy the cheaper it is.


@bundy123. You’re looking for pre-hopped extract? – just add water and yeast? You may be looking for “Mr Beer” refills. If so, check Amazon and probably Bed Bath and Beyond. These can make OK beer if you manage fermentation temperatures.

If you’re looking to actually make some better stuff, Northern Brewer has some Recipe kits that only take an hour of boiling (plus prep and cleanup) that are REALLY accessible to novice brewers. Once you have the boil done the process is pretty similar to the no-boil stuff… let it ferment (manage temps as best as you can) bottle, it let nature carb it, then it’s beer.

Also google for “Homebrew Supply Near Me” the dude that runs that place will be happy to help. But keep the questions coming here too.

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Hawkin’ wort on the streets again @squeegeethree?

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Can’t fool this generation selling bags of oregano as hops.

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