Butter(scotch) Beer Receipe Ideas?

Hey Everyone,

I have a friend who isn’t a big beer fan but has really asked me to attempt a butterscotch flavored beer. She is basing her request off of course the Harry Potter books/movies that have a butter beer in them.

I have thought about this one and trying to decide the best way to go. I certainly don’t expect this to be the best beer ever but I consider it a fun challenge. I can order a butterscotch beer flavoring so I am not concerned about that part, but more what type of base type of beer to use for this. She wouldn’t like any type of darker beer or anything with a high hop character, so I was thinking possibly something like a cream ale or amber.

Anyone ever attempted anything like this or have a recommendation on what would be a good start to this unique request?

Diacetyl is the flavor you’re looking for…found in buttery chardonnays and a by product(usually unintended) of lager fermentation.


For minimal hoppiness and low SRM I’d go with a blonde ale…

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Yer in Missoula? Big sky brewery town? There IPA was a top notch many years ago… It’s leafy our area so I haven’t had one in… 5 plus years…
Anyways, I’ve accidentally made a couple… So actual butterscotch… Isn’t that like caramellized butter? Oh I really like it on ice cream…
I agree with Voodoo… Nice little blonde ale… Maybe you could just add to the glass your imbibing out of? Just in case…would be sad to dump a full batch…

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Thank you both for the advice.

Yes @sneezles61, live right down the street from Big Sky. Missoula is the beer capital of Montana, so much good beer over here. Big Sky is the most iconic of the MT breweries with Moose Drool being their most famous beer. That beer even inspired NB’s Caribou Slobber.

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I think you’ll have better luck adding a premade Diacetyl then chasing you own. Add at bottling time to taste but take into account any residual sugars in a product like this…

Yeah, he said he is going to go with a butterscotch flavoring.

Besides, if you tried to produce diacetyl, you would probably come up with the crispest lager ever made :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I had something similar in a cream ale. It wasn’t my cup of tea either but the style worked. I think it was vanella. Smelled real good

low hop/old hop, amber ale with golden promise as one of the main grains and a touch of honey malt, clean high floc yeast

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