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Burning Foot

Got this one in West Michigan. Anyone going?

Wow! Looks great, 80+breweries from the Mitten and surrounding environs. Can’t make it this year but maybe next. Round up some of our local posse that wants to escape the heat for awhile and drink some great beer. Great music for the most part(decidedly not a country music fan but they have Everclear and other non country acts).
Hopefully you’ll have cool weather.


I’m always enticed by the lineups at beer festivals but am reluctant to attend. I’m only good for a flight or 2 and then I’m done. They all start tasting the same. I guess I could sip and dump but that’s rude

Yeah, I get that. I rarely go to local festivals here in Florida anymore. Getting to try a lot of Michigan beers while on vacation however…But to enjoy them it’s the same as every night on the town. Drink water(lots) during, go with friends, eat throughout, pace yourself, talk to the brewers/staff(if they’re not proxies(I hate that)). Take in the acts and great swag…and arrange transportation home.

The Traverse City festival is only about a third the size of what this one appears to be. I’ve done that one twice. Last time they had a Led Zep cover band that was awesome…we’re feeling pretty good and then I hear this band down the way start up with the opening salvo of the Immigrant Song …priceless.

We went the Travers one a couple of years ago. Had a blast! For this one my wife and I thought we were going to pour for one of the breweries due to a legal technicality but they got it figured out. They hooked us up with tickets for volunteering to help them out. I’m with @brew_cat , that after awhile they all taste the same. Need to take along some munchies or something.

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We had one and only one I think in Marathon. My wife got us VIP tickets for my birthday at $100 a copy. It appeared to be put on by only the local distributors. The VIP food was a joke, you could drink all you want of the “pretend” micro brewery bottled beers that were In Bev owned types but you did get to sit on a sofa to watch the bands. We also got six tickets each for the open to the public with admission draft beer tent that had better beers than the VIP. I did let the chamber of commerce know how we felt about it. End of rant.

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Just figured out that Barrel and Beam, a Marquette, MI brewery is going to be at Burning Foot. We stopped in a couple of weeks ago when we were in the UP. They bought an abandoned supper club to set up shop in. Every beer they make is bottle/keg conditioned and they had a Saison that rivaled Dupont IMHO. Got to sit in the warehouse/brew area for sampling and one of the owners chatted us up and gave us a really nice tour of the place. Great folks!

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Make sure to do some homework and go with a cheat sheet


My eyes slam open too early to go hang out in those brew tasting functions… And I agree, they all seem to taste similar after a few… Not ranting here… I’d rather gather around a backyard fire… Drink some brews and have my guitar handy for fun time!! Simple is my plan… Sneezles61


One of my fav brew fest is the Great Taste of the Midwest. It’s FABULOUS. Well thought out, well planned, great time.

As someone who is in the biz, feel free to dump. I get that there are different strokes for different folks. JUST DON’T GET A STYLE OF BEER YOU DON’T LIKE.

Nothing angers me more than a negative review that says “I don’t like this kind of beer…”. Then WTF did you get one? And I’m a supporter of still trying things you don’t like. But if after the 10th time it’s YOU not the beer. Just don’t review it!


Here are two exemplary reviews:

Loopie, I’m with 100% of the way… Also, there are instances where a brew needs to be called… And here is one… Our local guys make an IPA that doesn’t have much if any of the " hop forward" notes… I’ ve told them it’s more of a strong ale… And zero head/bubbles… Sneezles61

Same thing when someone decides to change a recipe (especially a kit beer) then complain they don’t like it. I see the same for food recipes.

And I also agree %100. Don’t judge a style you don’t like. If they got one they didn’t like it was probably free.

And I also agree with that. If I produce a beer that sucks feel free to say something. Some beers do suck, yes even mine!

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Also just got home from BrewDog AGM Fest! What a wonderful event. BrewDog is a top notch business. Wonderful employees, great space, and spectacular clients.

As you all know it’s the people who drink and enjoy the beer that makes producing beer great! Seriously, customers are unbelievable!

It was also great meeting @SDRocks. Glad you were able to make it and sample some of our offerings!

Well, I’d love to give a report on a bunch of beers but I can’t. We waited 2 1/2 hours for the event shuttle to take us there and it was a no-show. We have no idea what happened. Very disappointed but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.


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You must have me confused with someone else. I wasn’t at that event

That’s so strange! He had a beard just like yours and I even mentioned your moniker on this forum. He acted like he knew exactly what I was talking about. He must have just been pacifying me. I apologize!

I pretend I’m szeezles when I go out on the town. It’s amazing what I can get away with.

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