Burner Space

This might be a dumb question, but??, I’m mounting my banjo burners on my brew tier. How much space do I need from the actual bottom of the kettle to the top of my banjo burner, " How much space for the flame"??

Unfortunatly I don’t think there is an exact number. I placed mine approximately 4 inches from burner to keg bottom…I’ve got the 11 inch burner.
One thing you could do is to mount your burners so they are adjustable in an up & down motion. This way you can change it if your first distance doesn’t work well.

Yes, I used slotted steel on the stand, the way it is set up is about 3 1/2 inches, I will try this, although I do not have a shroud around them, I brew out of the wind alot so I think this won’t be a problem.

I would make a shroud for your burners. IMO this can concentrate more heat and helps the burner be more efficient. Not a have to, but it does make a difference.

I have mine mounted about 2" below the kettle. Seems to work pretty good.
When I first got my banjo, I called the manufacturer with this same question, but they couldn’t tell me anything. :?