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Bung lock blew..... Now what?

I brewed the AG Kama Citra this weekend and found this morning that the bung lock had popped out of the fermenter. I’m guessing that it has been off for a good day and a half. There is still about an inch of krauesen present, but is there a way to recover from this?



You mean the air lock? Either a three piece or S shaped with water (or vodka, sanitizer) in it?
If so and there is still krausen then there should be enough outward co2 pressure to keep out anything bad. Just wash, sanitize and refill the air lock and put it back on. Should be OK

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I have a rubber stopper with a tube that runs into a bucket of water. Thanks for the reply.

Was it blow off pressure that popped the stopper or did it just slip out? I’ve found that too long of a soak in Star San solution will make the stoppers I use slippery. Solution rinse and rub under cold water until they squeak while rubbing. Then they are squeaky clean.

I also suspend the blow off tube to keep the weight of the tube from torquing the stopper out.

I find my rubber stoppers won’t stay put in a glass carboy when just wet. Drying with a paper towel fixes it.


As long as there is a good head of Krause, you should be good… Do sanitize and put back on… Sneezles61

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