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Bung fell in carboy!

I pitched yeast in carboy and accidentally pushed the bung stop into the wort. I didn’t have another so I panicked and poured, not siphoned, the wort into a fermenting bucket.

Questions - did I screw this up? Also, will I need to re pitch?

I plan to see if it bubbles and check gravity bit this is a dynamic I haven’t had. I appreciate any insight you can provide. It is an Octoberfest lager. I hope I didn’t “bung” it up.

Was this in primary? If so, no biggie, a little extra oxygen won’t hurt one bit. The yeast will be fine.

If this was in secondary, then I’d say you’ll have some issues.

No it was the primary so I was relieved with that. Thanks for the follow up. It always seems to be something. Still working toward that perfect brew.

If you just pitched your yeast there are no worries.

Next time just leave it in there as long as it was sanitized and stick another one in.

To fish it out, drape a rag in the carboy, tip and roll the stopper on to it, then quickly yank the rag out. After some practice you should be able to get the stopper to get wedged in the opening and pop out. This if for a standard glass carboy.

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