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Bummer. No trip. But will brew now

Should be leaving the island the 28 of march. For a trip with my fam for my grandson 10 birthday. To orlando. Had plans to visit brewerys and brewpups. But now my son in law . Medivact to colombia. Today. Feel real bad for him. Some kind of virus. They dont know whats going on over here. So now me a vacation on the island for 10 days next week. So plan to do 2 brew. A camacitra session ipa. And the saporo clone. And bit work on the new brew area. Shelfs. Some painting. Lots of beer during the carnival parade. So at least so fun things to do


Too bad, hope your family member recovers.
Some times a “staycation” at home is better anyway.
If you ever make it back to Orlando, we live about an hour away, we can have a cold brew!

We have still hope that he gets healty. So we go on our trip. If so. Its getting beter now. A few home brews while in florida

Man that’s bad news. Hope he has a speedy recovery. And, hopefully it will all work out and you’ll still be able to go.

Here’s to a quick recovery. Hopefully the Docs in Colombia can fix him up!

They do lots of tests yesterday. And a mri scan. So bye friday they say they got a idea.

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