Bulk hop source

Looking to buy some bulk hops for IPAs. Maybe a lb of Magnum and two Centennial. My go to was Hops Direct. Prices are sure good but they only ship Fed Ex and higher price. $15 for 3 lbs seems high. However they blow away most every other source.

Better ideas guys?

Well I checked around and can’t beat Hops Direct so they are ordered. Thanks anyway.

That’s how I usually buy. Which store had the best prices with shipping gets my business. I have a “LHBS” which is about 2 hour drive so if I wanted to buy 3-4 50lb sacks I could dive and get them. To keep it on topic they often have good prices on pound packages and shipping is fair. It raises substantially if you add a bulk grain bag.

My LHBS is usually about $2.50 an oz of hops. Like doing business with him and have for years but when doing big batch IPAs I get killed on hops. Grain wise, he is competitive since as you know, shipping is tough on 50lb sacks. So he still gets my business and I save. Only about 10 miles away too.

This one will be a Stone Ruination 1.0 (my favorite) clone of sorts. Haven’t decided on the yeast yet. Might be Kveik if I don’t feel like wrestling with temp control.

Just looked and my “LHBS” (60 miles away) had a $30/pound price for Mosaic. I got charged $36.00 for 9.5 # of grain, 4 oz. of hops and a packet of WLP008 this AM at the store 15 miles away.

yakima valley hops runs good specials!

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I’ve bought some hops there…I buy most from Yakima Valley…They’re always fresh, vacuum sealed, deliver quickly and prices are competitive.

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The Centennial I just got from Hops Direct were $6 a pound, Magnum $10.20 I think. Hard to beat.

I always use Yakima Valley and usually only buy when they have sales. Like @dannyboy58 mentioned, the quality, packaging and service is spot on. I received the Hop Box as a Christmas gift and look forward to the different varieties in each box. Looks like Hops Direct has some very good prices but lack on variety. I may have to try them out when my stash dwindles down some

Doesnt anyone grow them close to you? … I know, can’t get fresh Jade hops up here…:wink: I see I have a few choices and most are cones… Since I use my first BIABasket, I’m good! Sneezles61

Yes, there is a small farm about 45 min away we have bought from. They were a little disorganized and the AA units were a guess. Hops were good though.

Update on that place. It has been a while since we went there and it took me a while to figure out their name and where they were. http://www.foothillhops.com/index.html Wow have they grown since then. A definite trip in our near future. Back then they had hops and a very small homebrew shop, no brewery.

A plus is that is is a really nice drive. They are right down the hill from a large wind farm. Pretty country.

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This is the good stuff about home brewing… The couple of peeps here send there hops into YVH for a acid test. Sneezles61

There’s a community farm near my house and they have hops growing up the 20 foot chain link fence. I really think they need some help consuming.

First time i did order hops from them did like the package they do. Strong. Had some hops from our host the clue on the package lets loose. Opened the Yakima hops friday for brew session. They did smell fresh

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