Building a single tier AG stand

I’ve been thinking of building my own AG stand for awhile and have decided that a single tier, 3 barrel stand with 2 pumps is what I am going with. I already have 3 kegs for kettle, mlt, and hlt, one pump, and have a buddy who is good with plumbing to hook up my burners for me. The only thing I need to figure out is how to make the actual stand itself, as cheaply as possible. I want it to be somewhat similar to a Brutus 10, but don’t think I want/need to go all out on 40’ of 2"stainless steel tubing, which I would have to pay more to have someone cut and weld for me. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried L-shaped steel bars with holes cut in them, like what is used to hold up garage doors. I figured if these are sturdy enough, it would be somewhat easy to cut and bolt together a system with these, and it would be easy to add mounts for the pumps and cfc etc. Any ideas?

that stuff works great, IF you can measure and cut ACCURATELY. Also to note, there are at least two grades(read THICKNESS) of that stuff and since your apparatus will get heavy fast, I recommend the heavier stuff. It’s cheap insurance. All this said, I’ve yet to build my stand so this is all advice based only on working with the material in other circumstances.

My brew system is kinda single tier except the mash tun sits on the table so it is high enough to gravity drain to the boil kettle. I only use one pump and only have to swap one hose after mashing. I use better quality washing machine hook up hoses so they are easy to swap. When done mine stores in a 2’ x 2’ foot print with the mash tun up on the top shelf out of the way.

You might find that plain angle is cheaper and all you need to do is drill a hole or three to bolt it together.


Check onmy rig: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=69096&start=90

It work great and on the cheap!

[quote=“Martin Luther”]Check onmy rig: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=69096&start=90

It work great and on the cheap![/quote]
My congrats - pretty impressive rig! And if it cheap - then it’s priceless

I build a stand by copying this build and love it! … dless-brew

i just built one based on the aleiens build, except i did it out of 1/8 thick weldable angle steel. i did it out the weldable steel because the perforated steel is zinc plated, and i didn’t want to take the risk of putting toxic fumes in the air. i used stainless steel nuts bolts and lock washers. with a cobalt drill bit, drilling was like a hot knife through butter. i cut the steel using a angle grinder with a 4’’ cutting wheel.