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Building a recipe

I am trying to achieve a toasted marshmallow flavor. Does anyone have any ideas without using real marshmallows?

First, look for a good sweet stout recipe. The English malts, dark roasted malts, and lactose will provide a backbone for sweet toasted marshmallowy goodness.

Also, try using WLP013 London Ale yeast, which gives off a certain vanilla flavor of its own.

Finally, just to make sure, add 1.5 teaspoons of vanilla per 5 gallons at bottling/kegging time. I’ve had the best results with vanilla extract from Mexico or the Carribbean – often top quality stuff, much better than commercial vanilla extract.

Those three things should get you close. Good luck!


If you want to be a traditionalist, a combination of a sweet and roasted malt characters plus the right esters is the way to go. dmtaylo2 nailed that, thou I might add a pound of honey malt and a quarter pound of smoked. But if you really want it to read marshmallow and not marshmallow-inspired, you might track down some artificial flavoring.

Meadowfoam honey tastes like caramel-dipped, vanilla-infused roasted marshmallows. I’ve used it in dubbels and really enjoyed the results.

Why not add alittle Torani toasted marshmellow syrup. It’s made from pure cane sugar with flavors added?

Thanks for the help, all sound good. I was leaning towards the sweet and roasted grains, the london ale yeast was something I hadn’t thought of. The Torani syrup could be a good fall back at bottling if I don’t hit the grains right. Thanks again.

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