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Build Your Own Water Filter - Help?

Has anyone tried to build the water filter from Brew Your Own? I have the filter but am having a hard time finding the right PVC parts for the project. Neither Lowe’s nor Home Depot had all the parts that I could see on the pictures. The filter is 2" in diameter. I was able to pick up a 2" 90 degree street elbow and the filter fits into the street end and the coupler goes over it but i can’t find the plugs for the bushing adapters. ... r-projects

I bought all the parts a few years ago, but never ended up using it. My water is extremely hard, so I ended up going to RO water and building from there. I found all the parts at HD a few years back.

Just got the return info for the shower filter. While it sounds like an awesome idea, it’s just too much trouble for what it’s worth.

If you’re just needing basic carbon filtering, like i do, why not just start with one of these. ^^^.

I use a counter top variety that I bought years ago and it works well. Counter top variety may still be available but didn’t see one here.


I’m looking for something that filters chlorine smell/taste as well. Will a whole house system like the one you pointed out take care of that?

filtering is dependent on the type of filter used in the canister. I just looked at my spare carbon filter and the label says “chlorine smell and taste”. Others will filter out fine particulates. best to drop by your local HD, Lowes, sears, walmart and read the filter labels.

I just found this one at sears. It is nearly identical to the one I have. replacement carbon filters are approximatel $13 and we change ours our about once every 3-4 months. But it really depends on how “bad” your water is. In virginia, we changed filters every 1-2 months. That water tasted horrible. Couldn’t even drink it plain or use if for coffee…


Ah, that’s cool that you can buy a housing and then buy the filter that suits your needs. Thanks for the info buddy! I’ll be dropping by HD or Lowe’s this week to pick up some copper tubing and fittings for my immersion chiller so I’ll add one of these puppies to the list.


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