Buffalo Bill Alimony Ale

Alimony Ale from Buffalo Bill Brewing. Label says this is an IPA. Copper in color, low on carbonation. Not really any aroma to speak of. Lightly hopped with a very slight hint of orange/citrus in the aftertaste. Hops and overall flavor reminded me of Budweiser for some reason. If you blindfolded me and told me you had poured me a pilsner I’d probably believe it. Definitely not an IPA; not anywhere near hoppy enough. Underwhelming all around.

you might want to check out who brews this beer :roll:

I liked it.
Not an ‘over-the-top IPA’ as in the current typical American iteration, but good nonetheless.
The copper color is, to my mind, absolutely correct for an IPA and I also found the carbonation to be appropriate (since so many American beers seem over-carbonated to me, presumably to meet the expectations of most American tastes).

I’ll agree that perhaps Alimony Ale could use a touch more bitterness
(and indeed, I believe it was slightly hoppier in the past), but even that that didn’t prevent me from enjoying it. It’s a well made brew.

Quite honestly, as a long time hophead (my preferred beer 40 years ago, an IPA, clocked in at 70-75 IBUs), I find lately that my palate has perhaps become jaded and I find the current ‘hop contest’ beers to be a bit boring and it’s actually nice to see some restraint now and then…and I never ever thought I’d be saying that!