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Budweiser 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager

Anyone try this yet?

Crazy… They don’t like us, crafty, home brewers. Yet, now add the word hopped, and the masses are going to flock to it like craft brews… I had to verify I didn’t spell the wrong word up there… Sneezles61

Haven’t tried it. Saw the commercial for the first time the other day. Probably won’t but not opposed to it either.

They finally actually made “Budweiser Good” I loved that video.

I’ll try it, even tho I slam them for what they’re doing… Maybe I’m as two faced as they are? :worried: Sneezles61

I would try one if I could find a single or get one at a bar. Would hate to have five left over if I don’t like it which is likely.

I plan to check the build your own 6 pack section next time I’m in town. Perhaps buy two. First to rinse the last meal from my tongue. Second for final evaluation.

I don’t think it’s anything more than trying to change the color. Budweiser spends their money on marketing, it’s cheaper than changing their recipe.

Tried some over the weekend: The color blew my mind…it’s a gorgeous deep amber. I was expecting it to be sweet and nasty a la Grainbelt Nordeast, but it wasn’t, and definitely had more bite to it. I’ll try to come back with some more detailed tasting notes.

I don’t think your typical Bud drinker will like it.

I can appreciate the historical context of the recipe, but I won’t go out of my way to have another.

Perhaps a modified Michelob Amber bock? Sneezles61

Probably just Changed the name. Probably have a ton of that stuff in some warehouse they were looking to move

That’s so cynical; it just may be true…

Just a couple of home brewers texting smack…:flushed: Sneezles61

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Hahaha, definitely not Amber Bock. I drank plenty of Amber Bock back in my college days, because that was considered “good” beer.

It’ll be available at our local watering hole tomorrow… We’ll go, provided it doesn’t warm up too much to have freezing rain going on… Sneezles61

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