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Bucket lid tool

Does anyone use one of these lid tools? I ordered one a while back from for 2 or 3 bucks. It didn’t work on my buckets. Not sure what it was made for.

I’m getting arthritis in my hands unfortunately so I like to relieve the strain in as many ways possible to save my hand strength, and soreness, for when I need it most. Like shaking hands with my daughter’s new boy friends.

The tool I got looked like this one but was yellow. If I recall it seemed like the opening was too large so it wouldn’t get a grip on my lids.

Never tried one but are you using it correctly? I would think that it would work on any size bucket with the hook close to the handle. Maybe try it a different way?

Mines black works pretty good on some lids. You have to just grab the very outside of the lid lip. If you grab to much of the lid it doesn’t work. Also doesn’t work on the lids that come sealed that you cut of with a screwdriver like a joint compound bucket. Practice on an empty bucket

There is a lid made by Leaktite that snaps on like a regular lid but the inner part screws on and off and has a rubber seal. I have not used one on a fermenter but my guess it would seal very good. I use it on a bucket that I keep my Starsan in. Search it on Home Depot if interested. That’s where I bought mine.

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I considered using the gamma seal lids but it’s more nooks and crannies to clean/sanitize and they’re about $15 each. Kind of pricey if I have 5-6 buckets in use at once.

These are great for dry storage, but not sure if they’d work under fermentation pressure or with an airlock.

Looks interesting. I would assume you could drill it for an airlock. Still kind of pricey at $20 per bucket. I guess my hands haven’t gotten to the point where I’m willing to spend much on a solution yet…hahaha

I THINK I was attempting to use the lid puller correctly. Maybe I’ll give one of the orange ones a try.

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