Bubbling Too Slow?

I made a batch of apple cider using 1 gallon of store brand clear apple juice (with ascorbic acid) and 2 cups of regular white sugar. I use the same 2 ingredients every year. But this time instead of 1 tsp of Red Star Cote Des Blancs Wine Yeast, I used 1 tsp of Lallemand Danstar Nottingham Ale Yeast. The room varies between 68 degrees F and 74 degrees F. After 4 days the airlock is bubbling once every 3 minutes. Usually by the 2nd day it bubbles every few seconds. Also, I am using a 2 gallon container for 1 gallon of liquid. Any thoughts?

It’s been a week and it’s still bubbling once every 1-2 minutes. Is any fermentaion occurring or should I scrap the batch?

Take a little taste before you scrap it.

Do you think you might have missed seeing the primary fermentation? Cider is tricky because you don’t get krausen, only airlock activity. Is the cider cloudy (as a sign of the yeast in there?)

It’s very cloudy.

Sometimes they just take time. The use of additional nutrients is always a good idea. Any idea what the pH of the juice was?
Not that it would be causing the sluggish fermentation, but do you always ferment your cider that warm?

I want it cooler but that’s the temp in my house.

A swamp cooler is cheap and easy.

After 2 weeks I racked it. It smells a bit like a household cleaner and it is somewhat bitter. And so am I.