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Bubbles in keg?

Hello I carb 5gal of water a couple of day’s ago an since I started serving there has been bubbles in my keg line like this this How can I get rid of these bubbles in my line now I have my keg line connect to a flow control like this which allows me to serve my carbonated water with a shorter line can this cause the bubbling in my keg line. Now I did put a small fan in my refrigerator to help temperature stratification to see if that would help which it is a little bit but I am still trying to figure what gives.

I would be curious to know what happens if. you take the Flow Control out of the picture and connect the line directly to the keg.

It very well could be the connector as it appears it is sucking air from somewhere.


@loopie_beer said it.

There will be a pressure drop across the flow control valve. The lower pressure on the downstream side allows CO2 to come out of solution, forming bubbles, much like it does when poured into a glass.

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