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Bruch Stout - Oats Add in

I have seen a variety of posts in several forums with what oats to add and when. So far it seems like Oats should be added when grains are being steeped. There seems to be a discrepancy about what type of oats can be added. Has anyone successfully used rolled oats in a stout? If so, how/when did you add?

Technically speaking, the oats need to be added to the mash, not merely steeped.
As far as rolled oats, they work fine (better, in fact, than steel cut oats).

I use a small quantity of oats in many of my beers, and my choice is usually any generic brand of “quick” or “instant” oats. Regular rolled oats benefit from some precooking before mashing, whereas it is totally unnecessary with the aforementioned precooked varieties.

i should have clarified in my OP, but this is for an extract recipe. that being the case, would i add oats when i am adding the LME? For an extact would you cook Oats before adding?

Oats do need to be mashed to convert. I’m unsure of what they’d add if you just steep them. You could do a very small mini mash of the specialty grains, oats and some base grain; it doesn’t take much more effort than steeping.

I’m assuming you’ve already bought your extract kit. But if not, why not consider the partial mash oatmeal stout? You could add a few things like the candi syrop to bump up the ABV and get the benefit of having a mini mash to use the oatmeal, and you won’t need a lot of extra equipment.

I just brewed the partial mash oatmeal stout and kind of tweaked it to my taste- a little more oatmeal, lactose, chocolate and vanilla. You could probably do the same and tweak it towards the brunch stout. Just compare the recipes and order a la carte.

This partial mash was my first, and was a lot of fun. Sampled at bottling(two weeks ago) and it was great. It’s really exciting to be able to start changing recipes and brewing towards your specific tastes. I don’t know your level of expertise (I’m on about batch number 10-newbie) , but if I can do this I KNOW anyone can.

Hope this at least gives you something to consider.
Best of luck,

Frenchie, thanks for the reply. I do already have the extract kit. This is batch #5 for me and I am a newbie as well. I like the brunch stout due to the fact that it is “modeled” after Founder’s Breakfast Stout, which is my favorite stout (second favorite beer behind Heady Topper). At any rate, the differences between the recipe appear to be the lack of vanilla and oatmeal in the extract kit, so i was looking to see if it was possible to add the oats to my extract boil to absorb some flavor.

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