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Brown stem tips

I just noticed some of my stem tips are turning brown. Its mostly on my centennials but others have some. Its the tips that will be producing the hop cones once they open. I’ve never seen this before. Its pretty obvious these will not be producing this year but I’d like to know the cause. I’m in upstate NY and its been pretty dry lately but not extremely dry.


might be they are drying out, i’ve been watering with a soaker hose every day for an hour or so and I thought that might be too much…it isn’t. When the sun is shining these guys suck up water fast.

I noticed that one of the tips on mine had broken off and turned brown a few days ago, but I just clipped it back at the crown so that the bine would better spend its energy on good ones. Growing over here in Hudson Falls btw and we have a homebrew club in glens falls that meets on the third tuesday of each month. check us out: ... 3355668367
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