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Brown malt

dose any one know of a close substitute for brown malt. I seen a brown malt that also stated it was (special roast) and i’m not sure of the difference in the two. any insight would be welcome, thanks.

I would say that the special roast is about the closest thing to brown malt that you’re likely to find, and it probably is pretty much a brown malt, just with a different name. Just out of curiosity, why do need a substitute for brown malt? It’s pretty easy to find right here on this site, or pretty much any other homebrew supply catalog site, isn’t it?

well the closest brew shop, and the one that I support is 18 miles away. all they list is “brown malt(special roast)” L60 . The beer i’m going to make calls for 2# brown malt without the special roast and I was not sure if there was any difference.

I’d go with the special roast. I don’t think there will be any problems. What kind of beer are you making- a throwback porter or stout, or something like that? I’m curious. That’s a lot more than most modern recipes would call for, but I’d try it.

Northern Brewer carries Crisp Brown Malt


[quote=“Slothrob”]Northern Brewer carries Crisp Brown Malt

The crisp brown malt is good stuff.

You can also make your own brown malt. I remember reading instructions for how to turn pale malt into brown malt in your oven some years ago. In BYO I think. Sorry I don’t have the reference handy.

I made brown malt by baking 2 row in the oven at 350 until it smelled like oatmeal cookies. It turned out great. Don’t over cook it, but it is easy to do - my LHBS guy told me about it…350 at maybe 20-30 minutes, Spread it thinly on a few cookie sheets or shallow pans and put them all in at once on your oven racks.


I was indeed thinking about making my own in the oven. the brown malt is going into a porter. i just do not want to mess it up nor do I want to drive 100 miles to get brown malt. as I said the b malt I can get that is close to me is called special roast . from what I’ve herd here there should not be a lot of difference between the two. I’ll most likely just use what is at my little LbS. thanks all.

I don’t think special roast is gonna get you anything much like brown malt. Brown malt has a sharper, roasty edge to it that special roast doesnt have at all. Special roast has a very ‘tangy’ note to it, very similar to sourdough bread. IME, they’re nothing alike- Brown malt is great, and I personally cant stand special roast.

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