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Brown ale brew day

I brew my brown ale recipe today. The temps in upstate NY was 30 F. Water temps a little off. The rest was to be at 154 and I was 148, my mashout was at 161. I did a reading before the boil, 1.040 and after 1.065 -1.070. I also used the hops in the bag. I thought the first bag was a little tight, but bag 2 and bag 3 made loose. I did do a little squeezing of grain and hop bag.


You musta had a vigorous boil, or boiled a long time… I usually gain between 8-10 points in my hour long boils… Sneezles61


I did an hour and there was boil. I said the extra grain was 6 row. but it was 2 row 2lbs. There are 5 different hops. I started with 6 gals of water and ended with just under 5 but over 4.5. I was careful read and rereading the hydrometer before boil and after boil. I never had the hydro stick out that much. Excuse my “duhness”, is the difference good or bad? I know when I tasted the wort after the reads, it was sweet tasting. I am going to only do a prime ferm for 2 weeks and bottle for 2 weeks. I usually put in secondary for 2 and bottle. I don’t had a kegerator in the house. I bottle in the winter.

I would take a grav sample. About 8 days in the fermenting. Your hydrometer sticking far out means a high og grav. What was the reading. After the boil. And your wort cooled down. What kind of hops did you you say 6 different hops.

Is this an all grain? Or partial? It would be hard to almost dabble your gravity and loose barely a gallon… Something is wonky… Not knowing your process and recipe… The 2-row, at 80% efficiency would yield 1.011 in gravity…
Is your recipe posted somewhere else? Sneezles61

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Could not find the grain bill so could do some calculation if its only 2 lbs. It gives you a real low og on the end.

I used NB brown ale all grain kit. I added the extra 2 row. The hops I added were fuggle , williamette, saaz, tettanger, and US golden kent. My first reading 1.040 before boil.

The only brown ale was the Scottish wee heavy that clocked in at 1.083… The others were in the 40’s area… I’m going to say, there was an error… Don’t worry about it now… finish it up and enjoy! Every once in a while, I’ll get some distilled water and check all my testing equipment… If I’m within a point or two… alls good… Even check my scale with other stuff… Items you buy from the store that are sold by weight… Sneezles61

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