Brooklyn Brewery 1/2 Ale

This is a Saison type ale at 3.2% with more hops but not overpowering the slight sourness.

Its not a true sour beer of course but that is fine. I like the fact they brazenly went low alcohol and it is quite refreshing because of this.


They added orange peel. I am not a fan of orange peel in beer. I will drink it. I will overlook the peel and see the merits of the beer but I just cannot help but think “this would be better without the gimmick”

Next summer this will still be my go-to beer for hot days unless I am brewing something I like more (without peel)

Why is orange peel a gimmick?

It seems like a gimmick. To me it seems that when an odd beer is introduced it has to have something other than just the odd beer. I think it is added because marketing does not think the US market will take a strange beer without it or something like it. Its a low alcohol, light sort of sour beer…better add some orange peel.

It is like a perfectly good song and then someone decides it needs a guitar solo, or a perfectly good magazine and then someone decides to put a Kardashian in there.

Unlike Kardashians, citrus is fine, but it is detracting from good beer, and I think brewers feel it is needed when it not.