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Brooklyn Brew Tour

I’m on the invitation list for this Brew Tour company and always get offered a seat for their soft opening whenever they open in a new city. Brooklyn is next weekend. $45 five breweries a distillery beer , lunch and swag. Goes up to $125 for the general public. Not sure what breweries are on the tour but Brooklyn has a great brewing history so I’m sure it will be informative

WHen is this? Google showed too many options for me to know

We are going next Saturday I think it’s sold out. If not use code nyc-launch

well you can PM me when you are in Brooklyn. I have 2 breweries and 2 distillers within walking distance of where I work.

In Brooklyn? Which ones

Other Half and Sixpoint are the closest breweries to me. Other Half is worth checking out just don’t go there on a can release morning. Six Point in Redhook is their experimental lab from what I’ve heard. Vanbrunt Stillhouse make a great Rye and I won’t recommend recommend the other distiller because I haven’t had enough of anything they make to form an opinion (me being polite)

Sounds like fun we get off the van around 4 so may be looking for some eats after that. Taking the train in from Westchester.

So you’re right near Other Half @squeegeethree? I’d had 1 or 2 of their beers and they’re phenomenal. Would love to get my hands on some more

My fault for going off topic. I posted the brew tour link in the wrong thread like to move these posts to my Brooklyn Brew tour thread but unsure how to @flars

Thanks @flars didn’t want to derail @sneezles61 thread

Ah wouldn’t have hurt my one feeling… :grin: Sneezles61

Well my 3 favs in Brooklyn area.
Other Half for everything hoppy
Grimm for delightful new experience. (just be an the lookout because they are nomadic brewers)
Transmitter for some serious craftsmanship

The one place to go to find it all might be BGH, Bar Great Harry

Worth clicking on this link even if not coming to Brooklyn as they curate and rotate often so you can get a look at some interesting stuff.

Yes I walk by it everyday from work (and sometimes in it accidentally). No I’m not sending out cans in the mail, LOL. I did know this was a thing but it is. People from around the world swapping their local beers. I would gladly do it if the line on can release day didn’t start before sunrise and wrap around the block.

Doesn’t look like any of those are on the tour. Unless they make some extra stops which they did in Boston. Looks like KBH has a six point on tap. I think we go there for lunch

Waiting for a report of where you are… It’s noon after all and the rain has stopped in Brooklyn.

Tour wasn’t as good as Boston. It was the soft opening so they have some bugs. Interborough was decent. Nice space. Circa not so much. After the tour we went on our own to folksbier which I liked. I really liked Brooklyn. Downtown Manhattan you can keep

I’m glad you got to go to Folksbier. Not many people know of it. You were only a few blocks from Bar Great Harry and Other Half… oh… and the Six Point experimental lab. LOL you could have had a walking tour of that part of brooklyn and hit 2 other distilleries and a winery to boot.

Next time

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