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Brisket and beer

Mostly do rotisserie pork and chicken on my Santa Maria grill. I’ve never done brisket. Any tips? I’m marinating the meat in some beer now. I’m thinking to head to the recycling center to source a lid from a grill that I can use. Help me brainstorm this

When I do briskest, I’ll carve alot of the blubber off… Leave as close to a 1/4" layer on the meat… I’ll season a couple days ahead… I found Harley’s dry rub quite good… Bag it, and into the fridge… Flip it ove when your in there…
Grill day, I use my Weber kettle with charcoal… I put a cast iron fry pan down on the grate where where coals will go, fill it with water, then the coals all along it… The fry pan takes up half the grate, so it’s to one side… I can keep my temp between 200-250… I throw on 2 big hand full of wood chips, put the meat on, apply the lid and shut the ports… Meat will absorb smoke at about 100-120. So I’ll pull the lid off from time to time to help the chips reignite, but also to keep the meat cool… I’ll go through that process for at least an hour… Sometimes up to 3 hours… It can get a bit smokey for some with 3 hours…
Monitor the meat with a thermapen… You slowly get to 200 degrees…
I’ll pull it off then get the grill as hot as I can, put the meat back on to sear it, giving it a nice bark… I have other variations but this is honed and produces some great offerings… Sneezles61


@sneezles61 has it laid out very well. I just started using pink butcher’s paper to wrap my meat instead of aluminum foil. Works great and doesn’t “steam” it like foil tends to do. Trimming the fat is a very critical step in brisket making. I used to make some really fancy rubs but have gone with the KISS method as of late…salt, pepper and garlic powder.

I use a traeger. I will generally dry rub mine. Salt pepper and cayenne. 180 degrees for about 8 hours and then wrap it in foil when it reaches about 165 degrees. When it reaches 206 in the point, wrap in a towel and let rest in a cooler for about 4 hours.

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I’ve heard the cooler trick

Works great

She’s under that old SS sink I had kicking around. If it works I’ll make some handles and jam a thermometer through it to make it fancy. I have enough apple wood for quite a few years thanks to a tornado we had last year


That looks awesome!

I feel a little lazy because I pan sear and then into the slow cooker.

That’s barbaric


Well I cooked it for 6 1/2 hrs now it’s in the cooler. To late to eat it now so I guess I’ll eat it cold tomorrow. Sad face

Midnight snack. I usually get up around 4 or 5 AM when I start smoking them. Did you make a beer while it was cooking?

No I didn’t brew but I can see doing both. I’ve raised and baked sourdough bread while brewing.

I can do the triple B. Brisket, bread and beer. A triathlon or trifecta. Has it been done ? Could it be done? Should it be done?


I can relate to your creativeness…
Sometimes I’ll rip a huge brisket in 2, one is done with bark and the other I’ll put in foil about half way through for a “faux prime rib” and yes it’s so tender you really don’t need a knife… Damn, now I’m drooling all over thinking about this.
I think if it’s going to be done, Brewcat, your the brewer to make it so! How’d the bread turn out? A nice slice with some rosemary and butter… Really drooling now… Sneezles61

I make a killer sourdough actually got one going against a lb of locally roasted coffee in today’s fantasy matchup. I’m thinking some of the brisket between a couple slice of sourdough may be the ticket


Still drooling… Post a picture of one said scrumptious sarndwich… Along with “the brew”… Sneezles61

Sorry I was watching the game and ate the sando

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What a sarndwich killer… :upside_down_face: Sneezles61

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