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Brinkmann Turkey Fryer Temp Sensor

Howdy all,

Does anyone have one of the Brinkmann Turkey Fryer rigs? I just got one this past weekend, and it worked great for a full boil, save for one issue: The diameter of the raised ring at the edge of the burner is too small to allow my NB 7.5 gallon kettle to make contact with the temp sensor. As a result, the burner kept cutting off until I transferred to the Brinkmann 7 gallon kettle. I managed the 6 gallon boil pretty well and only had one very minor boil over, but I’d really like that extra half gallon of breathing room. Has anyone outfit an NB kettle to make contact with the burner yet retain the 212* threshold? Or, come up with a way to bypass the temp sensor (figure this is OK since I’m not using oil and can’t hit the 375* threshold)?

you should be able to bypass the sensor by connecting the two wires together.

Is that easily reversible? I’d like to retain its use as a turkey fryer if possible…


I took some needle nose pliers and disconnected them and just stuck the 2 heads together and put some tape over them. You can reconnect any time.

Fantastic, thanks.

Am I correct that this doesn’t create a safety issue when boiling water since the kettle, wort, etc., can’t get above 212? Y’know, in theory, I’m fully liable for any disasters, etc. :wink:

Finally, do you find that the water heats up well enough even though the kettle is an extra inch from the flame?

You don’t need a controller for brewing as it won’t go above 212. I could see where a safety cutoff might be good when boiling oil is involved, but what a PITA for using the burner for other things! I’d remove it completely and rely on myself and a thermometer no matter what I’m doing with the burner.

Yeah, not to mention it’s scary as hell when the cutoff kicks in and the flame goes out with a “WHOOMP!” while you happen to be looking in the other direction :wink: .

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