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Brinkmann 30qt pot w/burner (turkey fryer)

So I was discussing this piece of equipment last week on another thread and said I would post the results. I got this burner/30qt pot package at home depot a week ago. Originally $60 or sale for $40… mistake made a checkout… cost me $30! SCORE! Anyway since the pot is aluminum I have to boil some water to oxidize it. I filled the pot with about 7 gallons of water which started at 115F. Just under 45min later it’s at a boil. Gotta say for $30, it’s a great buy! I come from an electric stove top, so this is a big step up. I also live in a condo where no outdoor gas cooking is allowed. Township ordinance. So this little burner setup is perfect. Compact enough that it can easily be stored/hidden but powerful enough to cut some time off my current brew day. And I can only assume it’s saving a lot of wear and tear on my poor old electric stove top. Which after 28batches of beer in a year is taking a well deserved break. Reading reviews of this system people complained about the burners safety controls turning the burner off every 15min or so. I haven’t had any issues yet in about an hour of straight flame. Maybe it’s just an issue when frying a turkey, but so far so good.

So, if you’re looking for a small, cheap, but decent burner for outdoor boils check out the Brinkmann 30qt pot / burner turkey fryer at home depot. It really is a steal.(PS, no I don’t work for home depot)

That’s a nice score.

6 gallons of wort from 150F to boil in about 20 min. Very happy with this burner!

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