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Brickwarmer Holiday Red Fermentation

I brewed the Brickwarmer Holiday Red yesterday and added 1LB of corn sugar during the last ten minutes of the boil, wound up with an OG of 1.072. I used the London Ale liquid yeast that NB recommends and made a 1l yeast starter the day before. I brewed and pitched the beer yesterday afternoon, and as of 6:30 this morning I have no fermentation activity at all. I know it hasn’t been 24 hours yet but I’m worried because this is the 10th beer I have brewed and this has never happened before. Any advice or tips would be much appreciated. For the record my thoughts are to go buy two packs of safale-05, rehydrate and pitch them after 24 hours if I still dont have any activity.

How many yeast cells did you pitch? What was the temperature of the wort when you pitched?

I’m not sure the number of yeast cells, I made a 1300 ml starter with 1 cup of DME. The temp of the wort was 78. I gently rocked the fermenter at 3 and got some airlock action and foam in the beer but I’m not sure if that was the yeast or just the wort being aerated.

You are usually good to wait it out a little longer anyway. If nothing happens in 72 hours then repitch.

Does sound like you may have underpitched.

Last time I had a beer not start properly I repitched after the third day and it was fine.

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