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Brewstand / Brewpot Covers

New pots are up and running and I am looking to have some new covers made to protect my pots and stand when not in use. They are larger than my old keggles and I am looking for something durable. I’m sure several of you have covers for your brewstands and brew pots, so what type of material did you use?

I bought two large grill covers at the local big box store and with a little creativity my wife stitched them together.

I’m not sure how helpful this will be, but you might try a local upholstery shop or a ship that specializes in boat sails and covers. They could probably make you something custom for a reasonable amount of money. Being in Florida I have five places that specialize in boat canvas within ten miles. You might not be so lucky.

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I’ve tried the grill cover idea in the past with the keggles that I had and wasn’t very pleased. Just not the quality and as durable as they used to be.
I do like the boat cover idea. Most of those things are heavy duty and that type of material should last quite a while. We’ve got several lakes close by so finding a shop should be pretty easy.
Thanks for the ideas!

Check out He has a nice looking cart cover and I believe he mentions what material he used. Same thing would probably work for the pots.

I needed something durable for my brewstand because it sits outside year round. Due to the size of mine, I ended up going with a VERY large log rack cover. It’s similar to a grill cover, but I feel like it is much thicker, and should be durable because log racks sit outside year round.
Depending on the size of your rig, this could work. Scour amazon and ebay for log rack covers. Racks come in various sizes so you might have some luck.

For me this was much more economical, because in order to sew through that nice nautical fabric, you need a heavy duty sewing machine and/or needle.

May have to look into the log rack covers. I was planning on having a cover made, so I’m not too worried about not having the equipment to do it. Just curiuos about what the preferred material is.
Thanks guys!

[quote=“Adam20”]Check out He has a nice looking cart cover and I believe he mentions what material he used. Same thing would probably work for the pots.[/quote]I went to Joann fabrics and got material that looks like heavy duty BBQ grill cover material. Vinyl with a cloth inside, it was very easy to sew and I learned in just a few minutes with my wife’s help. Here are a few pics:
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