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I am looking for some people to help me test a site I built that will help home brewers facilitate home brew swapping (not wives, just home brew) and event planning. I was curious if you guys would be interested in giving me any feedback / suggestions / ideas. If not, that’s fine too, I could just use a good core group of home brewers to test out the site and give some fresh ideas of what would be most useful to a home brewer.
The site is

just posted a link about your site with my homebrew club and said you were looking for feedback.

Thanks a lot, I appreciate that very much. I’d be interested in hearing what they say! posting.php?mode=reply&f=1&t=106473#


Home Swap

Vacations since 1985. Homes for exchange include luxury house swaps, city apartments, beach villas… even house boat swaps. Guarantee!


Mr. Rock…I’d rather see a wife swap ad…post reported!

I like this idea as I was just saying I wonder how I can try other beers before I brew them.

Thanks, hopefully we can get more users and that will become a common usage for the site!

I like the idea, seems a bit cluttered on the home page though. I would change it up a bit, maybe just more info about the site, and links to a search or sign up page.

New sites tend to need more explaining rather than just jumping in.

Also you might think about integrating with Facebook or other social media as a lot of people have that and it reduces the need for an additional account.

Thanks for feedback,

I thought it did a decent job at explaining the site. I admit, some of the text could be reworded or changed to help explain things better and I will look into ways to unclutter it a bit.

There is a way to tie your Twitter / Facebook account to brewshuffle if you go to (after you have logged in of course). At the moment it only updates your status if you perform certain operations on brewshuffle, but I am looking at other ways to tie more operations into the social accounts as the site grows. I thought because the sign up so simple (just email / password) that there wasn’t really a point to have a sign up with Facebook / Twitter. I have not completely counted it out yet. If I get enough people that are interested in it, it will be something that I implement in the future.

Thanks again for taking a look and your feedback.

That’s just one more password and username you have to remember. Also one more thing that could get hacked from a user perspective.

If I could log in immediately with my FB or Twitter account that would be cool.

Just to let you know all of the passwords are md5 encrypted in the database with a random string attached to the beginning of it. I couldn’t even tell you what the passwords are (which is how it should be).

I think this site is a great idea and would love to participate, but cannot as of now.

People need to be aware of their state’s home brew laws… As of now here in Wisconsin I am not legally allowed to give someone my home brew if I have taken it from where it was brewed.


Its a crappy law, but something people have to be aware of. I would hate to hear of someone getting in trouble for something as innocent as sharing their homebrew.


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