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Brewing with phantasm in hazy IPA

I finally found some phantasm here

Has anyone brewed with this dried Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grape skin powder? From what I read it really increases the thiols during fermentation. Need to use biotransformation with yeast like cosmic punch to get the thiols. Some say add early in fermentation others say better results at flame out. Input welcome.

Waiting to hear more

I have no experience using this. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know- Biotransformation occurs during fermentation. Often this is promoted by dry hopping. This leads me to believe that I would likely add it with my dry hops or maybe a day before.
Edit: you have a pound, so I think it would be pretty easy to experiment! :joy:. You could do a batch with it added at whirlpool, one at active fermentation, and one at whirlpool AND fermentation.

Phantasm ……horror flick from my misspent youth (1979?)actually saw this at a Drive in theater(remember those?)

Oh, ok back to brewing…


Just bought a pound so now the education starts…

I made 7 gallons of hazy IPA wort. Its my favorite IPA brew. hopped citra and simcoe at 15 min prior to flame out. Split into two fermenters. One got 1oz/gallon of phantasm. Using omega cosmic punch. Wish I had known about helio gazer as it makes 20 times more thiols than cosmic punch! Dry hopping with cryo and regular hops. Currently in primary fermentation.

Been reading up on this. Oddly this performs better, along with thiol based yeast, without a dry hop. Maybe it’s suited for a different type of beer? Maybe hoppy beers with the dry hops converted to whirlpool?

Yeah Loopie I thought about shifting some of my dry hops to pre fermentation rather than post when using phantasm. But I have some hops going in hot side and did not want to change too many variables at once. Shifting some of the dry hops to during fermentation is the next experiment.

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