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Brewing tomorrow

A full day of brewing to replenish the 2 kegs that are getting light. NB’s Gojira Peppered Ale and NB’s Conundrum. It will be my first experience with FWH.I have a feeling I’m gonna love the results and I’m gonna be doing lots of that in my brews.
Supposed to be sunny and 69. Got all my equipment in place tonight so all I have to do tomorrow is start heating water.
I am constantly looking for ways to to speed up brew day prep and cleanup. I think I hit on an obvious move tonight. Put everything I use to brew together into 1 container, 2 actually. And then make them easily accessible. I’m pushed for my space in my utility room where I keep brewing stuff because of the washer, dryer, beer fridge a computer and my book addiction, so I want to be able to grab a big box and the tun and have everything inside.
Finishing up a Cream Ale and a Shining Star in the kegs. Have some SN Torpedo and Stone IPA for the brew day.

Nice, sounds like it’ll be a good day. Something I like to do to speed up prep for brewday is to measure out the grains the night before as well as the water (and additions). That way you can turn on the burner and mill the grains while the strike water is heating.

I always have my grains pre-crushed. I don’t keep any bulk grain on hand.

Mashing out now. Missed my Strike temp by a few degrees on the bottom side. I added some more hot water. Sometimes I nail it perfect sometimes I miss it a few degrees.
Relax Don’t Worry Have Another Cup Of Coffee.

Hit my Strike temp right on 153 on the second brew. Was a busy day and took all day but now I’m through and waiting on the airlock to start thumping. Anyone else made these beers? I’m looking forward to them.

Hope your beers come out as great as they sound.

A few years ago I realized I had a lot of hurry up then wait parts of a brew day, and I sat down and figured out exactly what I needed to do and in what order to make things flow more smoothly. Cut my time by about half, so now I regularly brew two batches per session. Have to say though, the single biggest help was to get everything pulled out and ready ahead of time. A few days in advance, I’ll make sure all the special details for each brew are noted, the grains are weighted out, and the yeast starter is going. Then the night before I’ll pull you all the equipment and mill the grains, so I only have to get up and start heating water come morning.

I brewed the Gojira a couple of months ago. It turned out really good, as evidenced by the fact that my stash is already running kind of low on that one while I still have plenty of other brews that I’ve had for longer. It’s got noticeable heat, but not burn your tongue hot. Just enough to let you know it’s there.

Planning on starting another come back try early tomorrow morning. I’m brewing the first of 5 of my favorite beers to celebrate the clean bill of health I got when I saw my oncologist. I have hit the 5 yr. mark since I had lung cancer surgery and ended chemo, and I’M CANCER FREE! This old body of mine will only let me brew one batch at a time, I figure it may take me a week or so to brew 5 batches depending on how I feel and the weather.


Congratulations jazzman. Here’s wishing MANY more years of healthy brewing ! :cheers:


Your post brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. My mother died of lung cancer many years ago. I truly thank God every time I hear of someone winning that battle!

Great news Jazzman. That puts everything in perspective.

Buckets are very active. Looking forward to these new beers.

Congrats Jazzman…Southern Illinois boys are fighters!!! May MANY more brew days come your way. I’d say you’ve more than earned it.


Cheers Jazzman. That sounds like hell, but here you are. I hope the beer tastes great sir.

Just poured a frosty saison in honor of Jazzman!



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