Brewing season has started

After a longer-than-normal summer break (over 4 months long this year), I fired up the kettle today. Made a Wiezenbock and an English IPA - two styles I’ve never brewed before. If they don’t turn out well, I can blame it on being rusty.

Congrats! Wife and kids just made an out of town shopping trip (homecoming dress) so I have a window of opportunity. Now to the batcave! to see what I have on hand… Probably an IPA. :cheers:

Glad you’re back in the saddle. As always, you can send suspect batches to me for disposal free of charge…Cheers!

You are free to help me drink them, just come on by!

I’d be right over RBC, but I just had rotator cuff surgery mon. I won’t be able to brew for a few months. Stop by if you can, we might have 3 good hands between us. At least I have 1 good tipping arm yet so all is not lost.

I am right there with you! Long summer off. Today I brewed 10 gallons all-grain, west coast style IPA using Citra and Cascade, and did 5G of the NB Dry Irish Stout extract kit at the same time!

Just the opposite for me. We head south for the winter next month and the brewery is way to big to bring along. I ordered a few extract kits to bring just to be able to brew my own beer but in an RV cooling wort is a challenge. Nice to be somewhere warm, sucks to leave the brewery behind.

I have been easing back into brewing and have ramped it up this fall. We bought our house last summer so I have been taking it easy. Did a BIAB kolsch in the spring, and and Amber in July ( which I think I left on the yeast too long. So far not so good.)

Now I have a porter in the fermenter and doing a brown today, both for a charity even coming up. The porter was and extract and the brown will be a partial.

Long post, short… It’s great to be brewing again! :cheers:

I take the summer off as well. Really don’t like boiling when it’s 80*,80% humidity out. Started back labor day weekend, which was maybe a bit early this year. I’m afraid my Alt maybe have fermented a bit high. Summer has not left Maine. Personally, I would be happy with 10 months of October weather, with maybe 1 month of summer and 1 of winter.
But they say up here, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute…

I only brewed two five gallon batches since June myself. Luckily I had a stockpile. Polished off 3 1/2 kegs at my Oktoberfest party yesterday so I’m down to 3/4 keg of a ginger/ rye IPA, which I held back for myself. Going to have to brew ten gallons this week. I have a two week job starting next week and then back out to CO to visit my grandkids. I’ll brew up my pale and hopefully get it kegged before I leave. Then brew another ten when I get back. It bothers me having empty kegs around.

I haven’t brewed in a while, but today I knocked out a ten gallon batch of an all simcoe pale ale. Will probably dry hop one keg with mosaic and the other with simcoe. Built my water up from distilled for the first time normally I blend distilled with tap water. but with the drought I don’t trust the water. Besides it being over 100 f it was a smooth brew session.

Yeah, my summers tend to be light on the brewing just due to temps and humidity. I much prefer brewing in 30* weather. I only brewed one beer over the summer which was a Headhunter clone that I just bottled this weekend that is tasting fantastic so far. Actually come to think of it, my Hefe was brewed early summer and while super dry is still tasty.

My beer supplies are depleting so I’ll need to get a few batches going soon. Possibly a porter to start off. I found one of my porters that I brewed a year and a half ago in my sister-in-laws fridge and drank it a week or so ago and said “holy crap i brewed this?!” Needless to say it aged well.

A Weizenbock sounds good. I might have to brew that again.

I brew every 2-3 weeks regardless of weather. I brew inside on the stove and have air conditioning…
I love brewing too much to take more than a month off. But the fall is the absolute best time of year to brew, especially if you brew outside. The only downside are those pesky bees…

Getting ready to dry hop the IPA. First time with Nelson Sauvin (in a blend with Citra % Cent). Very fresh smelling.

I had some other ideas planned for next brew, but I have to admit, Rebuilt, either a Weizenbock or English IPA sound FANTASTIC for fall!