Brewing Saturday!

NB Brown Ale. I had a $10 off coupon. I am using 3 lb of lme. I usually 2 lb extra of 2 row for the grain bill. It is a Pale Ale malt. I had the lme from another order. The hops I am using are nugget, NB American Hops, and Galena. I am still following the temperatures on the receipts.

Not a couple oz’s chocolate or very dark crystal to darken the flavor?

Did not think of it. Taking wife to the airport today, might have to stop at the HBS afterwards. Thanks.

Keep us in the loop!!

I picked up some black malt. My plan was to use to 1/10 of oz. I still want the brown color but, I know the color will change slightly. I am going to roast on the stove top to get the roastiness I am trying for.

Roast black malt? Why?

I did not want anything with choc flavor with the brown.
Here are the numbers;
5.2 ph for mash
152 for the rest
166 for the mash out
166 for the two sparges
7 gal before boil, ended 5 gal with 90 min boil to get to 5 gals
1.060 before boil
1.084 after boil
used safale 04 for yeast ( think I need ! more Due to OG)
Waited 15 min before adding hops due to too much wort
60 for nugget
30 galena
0 NB 6.4 German
I roasted .250 oz of the black malt, ended up after roasting .235 oz. ( the house smelled good afterward).
A much better day than last brew day with temps. I get a little nerves for the rest temp when it does not happen right off (patients I guess).

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I checked gravity today to see, it was 1.022. It is foreshore an imperial. Where should my FG be or should I try to get? At this point I was thinking a 6 week time period. Being that I am kegging it, or can I keg it for a second ferm and leave for 6 weeks? I was not going to cool it, just hold it. Need a little direction.