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Brewing Sake: Release the Toji within


Amazon tells me that my copy is on its way.

My copy should be Monday 26th or so :smiley:

I ordered a copy yesterday from a danish retailer “”.

So you can probably get it from a retailer nearby you if you are not living in the US :slight_smile:

Congrats! I’ll definitely be adding that to my library soon. :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the positive remarks. I hope you all like it and find it helpful.

Claes, It is good to hear that it is getting into the channels. They said that would take 6 weeks.

Thanks all! Kanpai :cheers:

Nothing personal Will, but I sure wouldn’t have given freely to this board if I knew someone was taking notes and would try to profit from it. I know this isn’t your only source of knowledge but all I’m saying is it’s not cool to everyone here who has helped you on your way. There are probably a dozen or more people who visit this board that could have written a book like you did. I’m just not comfortable posting on here anymore, BUT I want to thank everyone who has helped me on my journey, including you Will.

I am sorry that you feel that way and I apologize if I have offended. I really would hate to see something I have done, cause you to feel bad and to sever your ties with this forum. You have been a significant contributor and I enjoy your input and our interactions.

However, the information in the book was not gleamed from this forum.

Come on Will, how do you think Bob feels about this? He is struggling to keep his FREE site up to help everyone. All of us here offer FREE help and you post a pay me to show you how book?

Why would anyone buy your book when all the info they need is here on the forum?

And I don’t care if I’m the only one speaking out, I know I can’t be alone in my thinking.

If you have some groundbreaking info then show it, but all the secrets of brewing sake have been exposed a long time ago…

I don’t think I can change your opinion. Much of what is in the book is on my site as well so it is not a question of hiding secrets.

Why do I buy brewing books, say for beer? I have many and it is because I find value (to me) in them. They are different than forums and I also use forums.


Looks like I’ve been called out.


I haven’t read Will’s book, though as a collector of printed works I certainly wouldn’t mind owning a copy (autographed first editions are my weakness :frowning: ), my family’s current financial status doesn’t allow me to splurge on those sort of purchases. I’m sure it’s well written and worth every penny of the asking price, and I hope sales are doing well enough to reward Will for his work.

Does it bother me that he may have used what he learned from me and others in the writing of this book? …If you twist my arm hard enough to force me to be completely honest and not hold anything back…yeah, it bothered me a little bit. But I haven’t said anything because:

  1. I’m just not enough of a dick to want to step on somebody else’s attempt to make a living from their own creativity, even if some of the information is derived from my work.

  2. My work, while offered for free for use by the internet at large and specifically the homebrewing community, also has its roots in somebody else’s published work - Fred Eckhardt, to be specific. How much of a hypocrite would I be to raise a big stink just because somebody else went and built upon my work and then (gasp!) made some money on it?

I guess I’m just not possessive enough of this particular piece of intellectual work to be all that bothered for it. Would I like to be credited for my contribution? Well, yeah. Was I? Damned if I know, and until now it just didn’t seem to matter enough to even bother asking.

So…that’s how Bob feels.

Will, I feel that belated congratulations are due. I hope sales are doing well for both your book and your business, and I do apologize for being late to the party. Been a bit busy working my tail off this year. :slight_smile:

Review of this book:

Hey Bob,

Nice to see your thoughts and feelings and I appreciate the honesty.

Did I give credit in the book to Bob or this forum for the information in the book. No. I did give credit to those who I feel were the key people who help me learn about sake and what is in the book and on my website. As with Bob, much of my learning and influence have originated with Fred. He was and is the main inspiration for my learning to brew sake and writing the book. He just turned 86 on May 10th, by the way.

Bob and others on this forum, have, I feel, been friends over the last couple of years and I have enjoyed seeing what people are doing. Bob has been a superb spokes person for sake homebrewing and I would guess the reason this forum exists. However, the information in the book was not from his or this site. There is information here that is very hard to find elsewhere but this is not in my book. I am thinking of things like growing your own tane-koji.

Sake brewing is still a very small community that I would like to see grow. My business, website and book are all part of an effort to increase this community. Fred and Bob were both pushing this effort before me but I believe we have the same goal. As for making money from this; if I don’t count any labor the site pays for itself. I still have to have a job to pay my bills.


Thanks for the review of the book. I also really like Philip’s book, it is stunningly beautiful.


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