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Brewing question on Bastard Stepson Root Beer

Hello all,
I’m new to brewing as well as to this forum. I brewed the Irish Red Ale that came with our master brewing kit and my wife and I are having lots of fun. About a month ago I brewed the Bastard Stepson kit. I chose to not rack into secondary. I just sanitized all of my equipment 4 weeks after brew day and saw that I was supposed to add the root beer extract and sweetener pack after primary. I forgot about this step as I skipped secondary. So, there I was prepping to bottle, with my 50-some bottles sanitized and ready to go, when I read that I still needed to add the root beer extract and sweetener. The instructions say to add the extract/sweetener when transferring to secondary, then allow it to sit for an additional 1-2 weeks.

So, my question is, how long do I need to allow the extract and sweetener to sit before bottling?

I’m sure that if the 1-2 weeks were just for secondary fermentation, the instructions would say to add them after secondary. But, I’m curious if the extract and sweetener really need the full 1-2 weeks, or if the instructions say to add the stuff then just to minimize steps? Any thoughts from brewers more knowledgeable than I on when I can/should bottle?

Thank so much!


I’ve never made this kit, or anything like it, but the extract and sweetner are unfermentable. You can add all this to your bottling bucket with your priming sugar and bottle.

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That is what I thought, but wasn’t 100% sure. Thank you for your response!

I made the kit when it first came out. Too much artificial sweetener IMO. It tasted like a diet root beer. I’d reco half the package.

Man, I wish I got that bit of info prior to dumping all of it in. After bottling, I tasted a bit that was left over and thought the very same thing!

Sorry I was late with that.

This kit was only one of two beer kits I couldn’t choke down. – The other I accidentally contaminated.

I generally prefer diet sodas over sugary, but that artificial aftertaste just lingered.
I even tried the root beer as an ice cream float. Didn’t work for me, but YMMV.

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